Welcome to the 2005 Art Book/Frame Book

Welcome to the 2005 Art Book/Frame Book

Susanne Casgar

You will notice some changes in the book this year. Change not for the sake of change, but for improvement. This will be a grand unveiling, if you will, of a more user-friendly guide that we hope will be an important source of information and a vital resource for you and your business throughout the year.

Unlike the 2004 book that you “flipped” from the “Art” section to the “Framing” section, you will see the 2005 guide will begin with “Images and Collections,” followed by “Art by Subject,” “Art by Media,” “Artists Published” and” Special Services .” The framing tab will lead you into “Ready-Made Frames,” “Mouldings,” “Specialty Products,” “Photo Frames,” “Framing Supplies,” “Archival Supplies” and “Framing Equipment.”

Last, but not least, is the Master Source List, an alphabetical listing of all firms included in the Art Book/Frame Book, including addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, Web sites and e-mail addresses.

The redesign of this book was created with you in mind. As the leading sourcebook for art, artists, publishers, framers, manufacturers and suppliers, we want it to become your most used and most dependable guide. You will turn to this source when you have a question regarding all situations that might present themselves during a regular business week.

For example, you’ve seen the work of a particular artist but don’t know how to find her. This book will tell you the name of the publisher. If you are looking for glass sculpture, the “Arts by Media” section will help you find the many sources available to you. And when a favorite client calls, looking for a piece of nautical art, you can refer them to the “Art by Subject,” which lists all of the publishers representing artists with a nautical theme.

We would like to hear from you! This is your book. Have we forgotten anything? Let us know.



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