Vickers Unveils Series of Feng Shui Sculptures – sculptor Marques Vickers

Vickers Unveils Series of Feng Shui Sculptures – sculptor Marques Vickers – Brief Article

BENICIA, Calif.–Artist Marques Vickers recently released a new series of Feng Shui figurative torso sculptures. The limited-edition series features each of the nine color coordinates of the Bagua Map, the fundamental orientation guide of Feng Shui positioning. The building blocks of the Bagua Map include 1) Wealth and Prosperity, 2) Fame and Reputation, 3) Love and Marriage, 4) Health and Family, 5) Creativity and Children, 6) Knowledge and Self-Cultivation, 7) Career and 8) Helpful People and Travel. The sculptural works represent each map section and are currently available through Vickers Web site at with anticipated distribution expansion through art galleries, international internet auction sites and Feng Shui sales outlets.

Each molded sculpture is individually fashioned with a mixed media composition and sealed in a Dupont IMROM 610 resin for durability and color clarity. The sculptures are designed for display in an interior environment either on a floorbased pedestal or positioned on a wall as a relief mounting.

In other news, Vickers was recently selected as one of 20 international artists to have his paintings digitally printed for exhibition at the MAC 21 International Contemporary Art Fair in Marbella, Spain, July 19-24, 2000. The annual fair is the largest showcase of contemporary international artwork in Spain featuring some of Europe’s most renowned galleries and art organizations.

As a sculptor, Vickers, 42, specializes in steel, wood and mixed media sculpture. Introducing thematic elements into his work, his primary sculptural influences include renowned fellow Benicians Manuel Neri and Robert Arneson and 20th century sculptors George Segal, Constantin Brancusi, Alberto Giacometti, Jean Arp and Henry Moore.

His work has been profiled nationally in several publications and is part of many corporate collections worldwide.

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