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Kevin Lo

SEATTLE–Grand Image was launched four years ago by art industry veteran Larry Winn as a publishing and licensing business. Since then, he has assembled an experienced management team and focuses on what he loves most–working with established artists and developing new and emerging talent.

A native to the Northwest, Winn spent his childhood at his home in Eastern Washington and on the family ranch in Montana. Winn graduated from Rice University in Houston after which he spent time in New York City. After a short while, he decided to return to the Northwest where he worked as a stockbroker for a few years.

Like so many before him Winn became disillusioned by his first career choice and stumbled into a sales position with a large art publisher. Although the position was entry-level, it became the launching pad to the founding of his own business 20 years later. Under Winn’s ownership the company became one of Inc. Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Companies.” The company is known today as Winn Devon Art Group and has since been sold to a public company.

Grand Image, his latest venture, is a relatively small company employing less than 10 employees. The company also works with only a few artists and only in small editions. Winn said, “I try to do it right for a small number of artists rather than diluting my marketing dollars with a lot of artists. I ascribe to the philosophy of working `thin and deep’ and doing a good job of promoting a couple of artists.”

Grand Image represents various artists, such as Max Hayslette, Marta Wiley and the late TL Lange. The company philosophy is to work with and treat the artists as an integral part of the company. Winn forges strong relationships with his artists. “They are incredible people, and I want to hold onto them, so I try to do everything right;’ he said, adding,”I communicate well with our artists. I will make a long-term commitment to my artists and will mature with the artists as they mature their looks.”

“I look at my job like that of a record producer. I have a good product, and I add to the record by allowing the spirit of the work of the artist to come through and let it grow,” he said.

As well as being a passionate art collector, Winn likes to keep track of trends in the industry. He has subscriptions to nearly 70 magazines to keep an eye on colors, fabrics–anything that will keep Grand Image in a position to set styles rather than just follow them.

“Over the last 25 years, consumers have matured in taste level. I am happy, but I am never content. I always want to pay attention to people and the quality of the product. I try to lead the pack in terms of trends,” he said.

New artists on the horizon for Grand Image’s fine art collection include Jeffrey Lange, brother of the late TL, Marysia Burr and JoSon, who is the company’s first foray into fine art photography in limited-edition form. Grand Image also recently released Petite Images, a new product offering born out of customer requests for high-end product at accessible prices. Images are in limited edition form and range from Museum Masters such as Picasso and Matisse to living contemporary artists. The retail prices range from $50 to $135.

Winn believes in the essential role of art to complete an environment. With Grand Image, he seeks to maintain a dedication to high standards of visual excellence and integrity in production. The company looks for artwork that challenges the boundary of the commonplace, going beyond merely pretty to striking, thought provoking, and visually stimulating. Grand Image searches out art that reflects the experience of life.


* Grand Image stores an archive of the late TL Lange’s paintings

* Winn is a passionate collector of art with a sizeable print collection, including work by Thomas Hart Benton, Tom Wesselmann and Andy Warhol.

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