Sonja Kobrehel – Emerging Artists

Sonja Kobrehel – Emerging Artists – Brief Article

Sonja Kobrehel’s colorful pieces are often a result of her travels. Her work has a Mediterranean and Adriatic atmosphere influenced by the time she spent on the coasts of France and Yugoslavia.

“I’m always intrigued by the human cultural elements and visual stimulation I encounter,” she said. “I find that every place and culture reveals its beauty to me in the everyday life.”

She works in collage and mixed media, carving, scratching and gluing the surface texture to create “visual dialogue.” “My paintings usually start with a color idea, then evolve into composition in which color is the primary subject,” she said.

Kobrehel currently resides in Vancouver. She has had exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Japan.

She can be reached at (604) 263-3036, via email at or on the Internet at

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