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Roma wins settlement for breach of copyright – in the news: Roma Moulding Inc

Roma wins settlement for breach of copyright – in the news: Roma Moulding Inc – Brief Article

TORONTO — Roma Moulding Inc. recently settled a lawsuit for breach of copyright of several of its copyrighted moulding designs in Federal District Court in Los Angeles. The other company involved and the amount of the settlement was not disclosed, according to the terms of the settlement.

“This case will go a long way to protect our artistic rights,” said John Gareri, president of Roma Moulding. “We hope this will be our only case. However, we are prepared to pursue each and every manufacturer who copies our products and every distributor who sells the copies. We must put a stop to this piracy throughout our industry.”

“Our client, Roma, has decided to take a strong stand,” said Roma Moulding’s lawyer in the case, Kurt W. Wolfgang, senior partner of the Washington, D.C., law firm Wolfgang & Faherty, Chtd. “We believe this settlement marks the first time that a moulding designer has successfully sued to protect its products. Rome puts forth significant time, effort and money into product development and promotion, only to have competitors selling identical copies within months of release of a new Roma product. There are serious consequences to copyright violations. We will continue to pursue knock-off artists.”

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