Museum Editions Ltd

Museum Editions Ltd

OWNER: Charles Fazzino

LOCATION: New Rochelle, NY


ARTIST: Charles Fazzino


CONTACT: 914-654-9370,

Since artist Charles Fazzino started painting more than 25 years ago, he has been on a mission to introduce his artwork to as many people as possible.

In 1994, he founded Museum Editions Ltd., which has been largely successful in helping him do just that. Today, more than 500 galleries worldwide exhibit the world-renowned artist’s 3-D pop art reproductions and original paintings.

Reaching a mass audience is something the staff of 10 at Museum Editions Ltd. has learned to do well. As the exclusive representative and publisher of Fazzino’s work, the company strives not only to expose his art, but also to brand his name.

“We do everything we can in the marketplace to promote Charles Fazzino to the customer,” says Julie Maner, the director of business affairs for Museum Editions Ltd. To accomplish such a goal, the company often juggles various tasks marketing, sales, licensing and public relations.

Employees form strong relationships with gallery owners and go out of their way to make sure needs are met. “We like to position ourselves as almost an extension of the galleries’ workforce,” Maner says. “Every day, we receive calls from galleries that want to do something in the marketplace like host a show or an art walk. We help them brainstorm how to make that happen because if they do well, we do well.”

Over the years, Museum Editions Ltd. has provided numerous services for galleries, Manet says: “We write press releases. We’ve done co-op advertising. We helped one gallery produce a television commercial. I’ve designed and laid out advertisements to save galleries time and money. We bring our people to events to generate business. If a gallery has an issue with a client, they’ll put us on the call. We didn’t start the sale, but we help close it.”

Maner adds that Museum Editions Ltd. also creates “a lot of special event Marketing for our galleries to piggyback on.” Charles Fazzino has been the artist for many prestigious events, including the Grammy Awards, Super Bowl, NASCAR races, Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game and the Country Music Awards. “We try to include the galleries in our efforts to promote these events,” Maner says. The ultimate goal is to make Charles Fazzino a household name and drive more business into the galleries.”

Working with galleries requires a delicate balancing act, though, because there can be competition amongst them. “We have to walk a fine line between being helpful and staying neutral,” Maner says. Meanwhile, “we get as involved as much as they want us to and stay out of what they want us to stay out of. How we deal with the market is critical to us.”

Aiding the Museum Editions Ltd. staff are distributors and galleries overseas and independent contract artists, who are hired to cut and glue pieces for Fazzino’s art. Fazzino started by doing all of the cutting and gluing himself, but with the high demand for his work, he needed help in meeting it.

Fazzino has always been self-published. For a while in the beginning, Fazzino says it was feast or famine with his work. “Sometimes, there’d be so many people buying it, I couldn’t get it out fast enough. Then some months, it wouldn’t be selling,” he says. With Museum Editions Ltd., he hit a steady groove, and interest in his artwork exploded.

“Lucidly, the excitement never waned,” Maner says.

Now, Fazzino’s work appeals to mass audiences, just like he always intended.

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