Maui Giclee

Maui Giclee

Maui Giclee

300 Ohukai Road, Suite #C2-203

Kihei, Maui, HI 96753

Phone: 800-818-6189

Web site:

“With every print we strive for perfection.” At Maui Giclee, we print with Iris and Epson printers. We use only the best archival materials. We believe the quality of your printing lies in the pre-press. It’s here we strive for absolute perfection in matching our printing with your originals. We print for leading artists from around the world. In fact, we are the most worldly giclee printer in the business.

Think about this: Why not send your original or transparency to us? We will scan your work for free. Then a few weeks later, perhaps take a vacation on Maui. At the same time, stop by our shop, work with our color-correction specialists for a few hours and create that perfect edition release of your masterpiece. Call our printing consultants and we will walk you through the development of a plan for your next edition. Or check out our Web site for more details and prices. A brochure and VHS video is available upon request, so give us a call.

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