Image Conscious

Image Conscious

Image Conscious

147 10th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: 800-532-2333

Fax: (415) 626-1555



Image Conscious was founded in 1980 by current President and C.E.O., George Leeson. Then, the company was devoted solely to distributing posters, primarily those published by West coast galleries and museums. Its headquarters started in the basement of a house in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco where Leeson’s girlfriend lived.

In 1983, Image Conscious acquired poster publisher Drucker-Vincent. Since then, the company has moved four times, each time to larger quarters to accommodate its growth. Its headquarters still remain in San Francisco.

The company maintains a strong distribution presence as the exclusive American distributor for the Art Group of London (Vettriano, Guichard and Spence among others) and also for artist Michael Parkes.

Image Conscious has also become a major industry publisher enjoying success with artists Monica Stewart, Aleah Koury, Mary Silverwood, Bill Brauer, Christian Riese Lassen, Michael Kenna and, most recently, Maurice Evans and Haibin.

And the girlfriend from North Beach? She is now Leeson’s wife.

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