Hibel celebrates 40 years of lithography – news – Edna Hibel

Hibel celebrates 40 years of lithography – news – Edna Hibel – Brief Article

PALM BEACH, Fla. — In celebration of 40 years of making lithographs, artist Edna Hibel, 86, recently released “Soaring American Spirit” an original stone lithograph of an American eagle with two young eagles in the background and a remarque on the bottom margin of a boy waving an American flag. “This dramatic image is very appropriate for the times and is very moving” said Andy Plotkin, c.e.o. of Edna Hibel Studio. “In addition, this release marks Hibel’s 40th year of creating original stone lithography.”

The patriotic image is being released with two other limited-edition lithographs thematically closer to what Hibel is known for: “Golden Dreams,” a mother holding her child in her arms, and “Next to My Heart,” showing a mother lying on her back in a field of flowers and snuggling her sleeping child next to her heart.

These lithographs bring Hibel’s total multicolor lithograph count to 592. During her next visit to her studio in Zurich this summer, Hibel will create eight more lithographs to bring her total production to 600.

“While other artists, such as Dali, have created more stone lithographs, no one has created as many multicolor lithographs as Edna Hibel,” noted Plotkin, “so the creation of 600 lithographs is an unprecedented artistic milestone since the invention of the stone lithography medium 208 years ago–a remarkable achievement, I believe”

The image of the 600th lithograph is not known at the moment, but it will measure at least 40 by 30 inches and be entitled “The Epic.” For information, call 800-275-3426.

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