Go back to school with FBN’s annual Framing Training School Guide

Go back to school with FBN’s annual Framing Training School Guide

If your eye for design is blurring or your cutting skills are getting rusty, it may be time to get back in the classroom. To help you find the right class, Framing Business News presents the annual Framing Training School Guide. This year’s guide is our most comprehensive yet, with several new schools and updated schedules and prices. Most schools provide basic to advanced framing classes and offer convenient schedules in locations across the United States and Canada.


122 Spring St., Suite B1 Hartford, CT 06489 6345 South Pecos Road, Suite 106 Las Vegas, NV 89120 888-840-9605 Fax: (413) 647-4553 Web site: www.pictureframingschool.com

The American Picture Framing Academy offers classes and workshops to both framers and frame shop owners/managers. The school is for people who want to start custom picture framing businesses or learn the skills of professional framing.

The comprehensive, five-day course offers instruction in the latest professional framing methods, including creative mat cutting and decoration, mounting techniques, frame cutting and joining, glass cutting and glazing procedures, fitting and more. Students are also exposed to the basics of frame design and selection, retail and corporate sales techniques, pricing strategies, frame shop management and advertising strategies.

The school features state-of-the-art equipment and modern teaching facilities. Lodging is within walking distance of the school. Some scholarships and financial aid may be available. Materials are included in the tuition. The five-day course costs $750. Call for a schedule.


#1 20678 Duncan Way Langley, British Columbia, Canada V3A 7A3 888-252-0040; (604) 533-5328 Fax: (604) 533-9680 E-mail: courses@framing-school.com Web site: www.framing-school.com

Canadian Picture Framers School Inc. offers a basic professional course and an advanced course, each lasting five days. The basic course is a professional-level training course designed to teach the basics of picture framing, stressing hands-on, practical projects. The advanced class covers the topics of conservation framing, French matting, object-box framing, creative matting, glass etching and image transfer to canvas. Tuition is $670 (Canadian) plus G.S.T. and includes the cost of materials and completed projects.

Schedule: Basic March 3-7, April 7-11, May 5-9, June 2-6, July 7-11, Aug. 4-8, Sept. 1-5, Oct. 6-10, Nov. 3-7, Dec. 1-5 Advanced April 14-18, July 14-18, Sept. 8-12


2606 South Raritan Circle Englewood, CO 80110 (303) 922-1919

Colorado Moulding Co. offers a three-day basic framing workshop, which includes all aspects of picture framing, including metal, wood and fillet cutting and joining. Students receive hands-on training from instructor Dennis Tilly, founder of Dakota Framing Specialties, on mat-cutting practices and design techniques, as well as assembly and layout for single or multiple mats. Glass cutting, frame assembly and finishing techniques are also offered. The cost of each workshop is $425 and is limited to eight students.

Schedule: March 14-16 and 17-19


5000 S.E. 18th Ave. Portland, OR 97202 800-543-2467 Fax: (503) 238-3899

The Framers’ Inventory Education Center provides a full range of framing education services, from four-day basic skills and advanced skills classes to individual and on-site instruction. Classes cover a variety of topics, such as conservation framing, cutting fillets, decorative mounting, laminating, object box framing and more.

The four-day basic course and the three-day Advanced I class both cost $495. Individual instruction is available for $30 an hour. Prices include all materials and supplies. A $125 deposit is required.

Schedule: Basic March 18-21, July 15-18, Nov. 11-14 Advanced I May 21-23, Sept. 10-12


12231 Fort Road Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5B 2H2 800-268-0897 or (780) 944-9149 Fax: (780) 477-3051 Web site: www.frametutorschool.com

The Frame Tutor offers daytime classes for the career-minded framer and evening classes for the hobby framer. Daytime programs consist of three one-week workshops (35 hours). Program 1 covers basic framing, Program 2 covers intermediate framing, and Program 3 covers advanced framing. Courses can be taken consecutively or individually, as long as they are taken in sequence.

Workshops cost $675 (Canadian) and include a manual and all supplies needed to finish projects. A $250 deposit is required at registration. GST is not included in tuition.

Schedule: Program 1 March 24, April 28, May 26, July 14, Sept. 15, Oct. 20 Program 2 March 3 and 31, May 5, June 2, July 21, Sept. 22, Oct. 27 Program 3 April 7, June 9, July 28, Sept. 29, Nov. 3


2646 Broad St. Chattanooga, TN 37408 (423) 266-4453 Fax: (423) 266-4436 E-mail: goldleaf@vol.com Web site: www.goldleafdesigns.com

Gold Leaf Designs and Gallery offers “The Art of Gilding.” Alan Shuptrine, owner and master craftsman of Gold Leaf Designs and Gallery gives one- and two-day seminars on the techniques of gilding and other related decorative finishes. Students also participate in hands-on demonstrations and discussions ranging from the historical background of gilding to the steps for restoring and applying leaf. One-day seminars for professionals/designers and one-day seminars for artists cost $600. Two-day seminars in gilding and restoration cost $2,000. Reservations are required 30 days in advance.

Schedule: One-Day Seminars for Professionals/Designers April 24, July 24, Oct. 9 One-Day Seminars for Artists March 20, July 31 Two-Day Seminars/Gilding and Restoration Sept. 24-26


1128 Clyde Court Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7P 2E4 800-294-0098; (613) 384-1146 Fax: (613) 384-1176 E-mail: framingschool@sympatico.ca Web site: www.framingschool.com

At the International Picture Framers School, the basic course covers the essentials, while the advanced course concentrates on innovative approaches to framing. Early registration is important, because classes are limited to eight students. An advanced registration fee of $100 (Canadian) is required. Five-day basic and advanced course fees are $695 plus G.S.T., which includes the registration fee. Inquire about a second-party discount. Materials and equipment are provided.

Schedule: Basic March 10-14, March 31-April 4, May 26-30, June 16-20, July 14-18, Aug. 18-22, Sept. 15-19, Oct. 20-24, Nov. 10-14, Dec. 1-5 Advanced April 7-11, June 23-27, Oct. 27-31


304 S. Boyd St. Winter Garden, FL 34787 (407) 877-3958 Fax: (407) 877-9245 Web site: www.goldleafrestoration.com

Jakob-Sansbury Conservation has offered workshops at its Florida studio for 15 years. Classes are offered at the basic and intermediate levels and include instructions for traditional oil and water gilding, compo and mold making, 19th-century casting techniques for frames and furniture, frame and furniture restoration, punch and incise techniques and French polishing. Corner samples can be completed in a three-day workshop, and two complete frames can be completed in a week-long workshop. Students may bring a project of their own to work on in the restoration workshop. All workshop schedules are hands-on. Students have full use of all materials and tools with no fees or additional products to purchase. Schedules are based on the interest of the student and availability of instructors. Three-day workshops start at $750, and week-long workshops start at $1,500. All workshops are by appointment only and are tailored to what the student wants to learn.


2003 W. Market St. Akron, OH 44313 800-999-7491 E-mail: customerservice@columbapublishing.com Web site: www.kistlerseminars.com

Kistler Seminars offers more than 60 different courses around the United States and Canada. In operation since 1980, art and framing seminar subjects include framing collectibles, designing framing, conservation framing, framing needlework, fitting, framing giclees, pricing, promotions, creating an art gallery, sales, framing photography, glazing, frame designs, getting art published, selling at the front counter, mat cutting, mat decoration and more. Scheduled locations for 2003 seminars include New York; Atlanta; Anchorage, Alaska; Roanoke, Va., Cincinnati; Minneapolis; South Bend, Ind.; and Toronto. Classes, instructors and prices vary. Class fees generally run between $35 and $95 per class. Call or visit the Web site for updated class schedules.


3900 Steve Reynolds Blvd. Norcross, GA 30093 800-438-5031 Web site: www.larsonjuhl.com

Larson-Juhl offers classes tailored to the needs of shop owners, managers, framers and designers on conservation/ preservation techniques, design and color, joining methods, mat cutting, needleart framing, permanent mounting, pricing and profitability and successful selling taught by Certified Picture Framers. Tuition for the five-day course is $795, which includes the manual, project materials, certification and a complimentary graduation dinner. Class size is limited to insure personal quality instruction. A $300 deposit is required for registration. One-day seminars are also available, which are designed to increase skills in a specific area. Students will learn new concepts, techniques and practical tips on design, marketing, merchandising, selling and upgrading sales. Call for schedules.

Five-Day Training Center Locations:

Atlanta: March 24-28, April 7-11, June 16-20, July 14-18, Aug. 25-29, Oct. 13-17

Boston: June 2-6

Chicago: March 31-April 4, June 9-13, Aug. 11-15

Denver: March 31-April 4, Aug. 25-29

Los Angeles: July 14-18, Oct. 13-17

Minneapolis: March 24-28, June 2-6, Oct. 6-10

New York: April 7-11, Sept. 15-19

Philadelphia: July 21-25

Seattle: May 19-23, July 21-25

St. Louis: June 9-13


262 E. Fourth St. St. Paul, MN 55101 (651) 291-8820 Fax: (651) 291-3826 www.masterframers.com

The Master Framers Inc. workshops are designed for framers who want to learn advanced skills. The most popular workshops cover frame restoration, altering pre-finished moulding and 22-karat-gold water gilding. Workshops are conducted on a one-on-one basis with guilder Eric Tollefson. Add travel and lodging expenses to the $700 per student, per day fee for classes. A completed project for each student generally includes a finished frame or a completed restoration. Call for schedules.


10710-134 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada E5E 1J8 (780) 457-0538 Phone/Fax

The Murillo School of Restoration offers a six-week course on general restoration which meets six days per week for eight hours each day. The course costs $8,100 (Canadian), and tools cost approximately $800 (Canadian).

A shorter course focuses on cleaning and restoring paintings and picture frames, including gold and silver leafing. This three-week course, meeting eight hours a day, six days a week, has a fee of $5,255 (Canadian). Tools cost approximately $600 (Canadian). All fees must be paid in advance. Call for schedules.


P.O Box 814, King Court Keene, NH 03431 800-325-6332 (Canada only); 877-797-6944 (phone); (905) 436-7501 (fax) E-mail: dstretch@frameschool.com Web site: www.frameschool.com

The New England Framing Academy offers hands-on experience during the four-day novice/intermediate course. Subjects taught in the classes include shop layout, pricing, custom matting, conservation framing and purchasing.

The $595 tuition for novice/intermediate courses includes a non-refundable $200 deposit and covers all materials. A 10-percent discount is available for more than one person attending classes from the same shop.

Schedule: Novice/Intermediate March 31-April 3, June 23-26, Sept. 22-25


P.O. Box 102 Morganville, NJ 07751 (800) 969-7176 Fax: (732) 536-5761 E-mail: theconference@hobbypub.com Web site: www.pfmseminars.com

PFM Seminars offers basic, intermediate and advanced framing classes. Seminars include one-hour lectures, hands-on workshops and two-day seminars held throughout the United States in various locations and at industry trade shows such as EdExpo, DECOR expo and the Philadelphia Trade Show. PFM “Seminars on the Road” also offers one-day sessions throughout the year at various locations around the country. Subjects include executive management, fundamentals of framing, gallery management, gilding, master class framing, profit and management, sales and design.

Tuition ranges from free to $195. Special pricing packages are available. Refer to Web site for schedules and locations.


75 Newbury St. Danvers, MA 01923 (978) 535-5070 Phone/Fax E-mail: stuart@framingacademy.com Web site: www.framingacademy.com

Prestige Framing Academy offers beginning- to advanced-level classes in the following subjects: framing, matting, dry mounting, fabric mats, glass etching, framing needleart, mat decoration, object box framing, oil gilding, plastic fabrication, water gilding, woodworking, preservation, business development, cross marketing, maximizing sales and pricing for profit.

Classes are offered throughout the year. Half-day classes cost $75 to $100, full-day classes cost $100 to $150, two-day classes cost $500 and five-day classes cost $875. Tuition may vary depending on course content. There is no materials fee, and reference materials are provided. Class size is limited to 10 people.

The school maintains a fully equipped, state-of-the-art facility, including computerized POS and mat-cutting equipment, woodworking equipment and traditional framing equipment. Instructor Stuart Altschuler, CPF, GCF, has more than 30 years of experience in the framing industry. Call for schedules.


216 Douglas St. Madison, TN 37115 800-745-0246; (615) 865-2666 Fax: (615) 865-1903 E-Mail: mcavanah@bellsouth.net Web site: reedscustomframing.com

Instructor Mitchell Cavanah teaches the basics of matting, glazing, cutting and joining frames, mounting and fitting in “Custom Picture Framing 101.” Class time is also spent dealing with pricing and running a custom framing business. The workshop is run in a “hands-on” format where students will finish the course by completing two framing projects. Each class has a minimum of three and a maximum of five students. Gold Leafing classes are taught by Lou Reed, a 30-year veteran in restoration and gold leafing. Classes are limited to six students. The three-day course applies all types of leaf, including oil gilding, acrylic-based leafing and water gilding. The fee for the workshop is $425, including materials. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. A minimum deposit of $200 is required to guarantee a spot in the workshop.

Schedule: Custom Picture Framing 101 April 7-9, Aug. 4-6, Oct. 6-8 (dates subject to change); Gold Leafing June 7-9, Oct. 11-13


1880 Oakcrest Ave. St. Paul, MN 55113 (651) 636-6367; 800-735-3025 Fax: (651) 636-8153 33603 Dequindre Troy, MI 48083 800-632-4842

TC Moulding offers five-day basic classes for $600 per student. One-day studio classes for matting, mat cutting, mounting, object boxes and needle art are offered for $150 per student. A deposit of half of the tuition fee is required at registration. Students are encouraged to bring personal projects for consultation and sharing. Project’s will be addressed after the class material has been completed.

Schedule: Basic March 10-14, May 19-23, July 21-25, Sept. 22-26 Matting Intro April 23, June 11, Aug 13 Mat Cutting June 11, Aug. 13 Mounting May 8, Sept 10 Object Boxes April 9, June 25 Needleart March 19, July 9


80 Gordon Drive Syosset, NY 11791 (516) 496-4430; 800-645-7260 Fax: 888-809-0603; (516) 496-7968.

United Manufacturers’ Picture Framing Academy was so successful with its beginner classes that advanced classes to follow each beginner class are now offered. The beginner class teaches conservation techniques, mat cutting, design, mounting, laminating, moulding cutting and joining, glass cutting and needleart framing. There will be a strong emphasis on how to price for profit. Students will learn basic skills required to operate a frame shop and learn advanced skills to turn a profit. Tools will be provided to complete a project. The class includes four full days of instruction, a graduation dinner, daily lunches and a diploma for $495.

Schedule: Beginner March 3-6, May 5-8, Sept. 8-11


10708 Vanowen St. North Hollywood, CA 91605 (818) 769-5656 Fax: (818) 509-0461

Valley Moulding and Frame offers basic framing, advanced matting, preservation and conservation and advanced fabric courses. One-week basic classes cost $650, one-day advanced classes cost $175 and two advanced classes taken consecutively cost $300. Classes teach a working knowledge of frame store management and an advancement in framing skills. A deposit of half of the tuition fee is required upon registration and is refunded in full only if a cancellation is made 14 days prior to the class.

Schedule: Basic May 5-9, Aug. 4-8, Nov. 3-7 Advanced Matting June 2, Sept. 15 Preservation/Conservation June 3, Sept 16 Advanced Fabric Oct. 13

Thank you to all the schools who participated in the Framing Training School Guide. If you would like your school to be included in next year’s guide, please send information to:

Amy Leibrock One Park Avenue, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10016-5802 e-mail: aleibrock@advanstar.com

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