Giclee Printers Association hires new director – news – Kelly Dickson

Giclee Printers Association hires new director – news – Kelly Dickson – Brief Article

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Kelly Dickson has been named the new director of the Giclee Printers Association (GPA).

The nonprofit GPA is a group of Fine Art Printers who formed in 2001 to create quality standards for those involved in the giclee industry. The GPA’s Tru Giclee standard distinguishes fine art reproductions printed with advanced techniques and equipment. The GPA has also created standards to protect galleries and customers from misrepresentation.

Since being appointed as director, Dickson has created as an information Web site for those who work with the giclee process. “Printers all over the globe have indicated that establishing a standard in the giclee market is something that is clearly needed and desired,” Dickson said.

In addition to setting the GPA printer’s apart from other printers, the organization also wants to serve as a resource for technical questions, market information and provide artists a directory of certified printers in their area.

For more information, visit, call Dickson at (714) 279-2360 or e-mail her at

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