Giclee Printers Association Established

Giclee Printers Association Established – Brief Article

NEW YORK–John Doe of Digital Pulse/Harvest Productions, in conjunction with a group of trade giclee printers who use common materials and methods of printing, have formed the Giclee Printers Association (GPA).

According to Doe, the organization’s spokesman, the GPA has defined a standard for giclee and trademarked the brand name Tru Giclee[TM] as the seal of that standard. Doe said the formation of the organization was finalized at Artexpo New York last month and it is designed to provide consumers concerned with image quality, integrity of materials and longevity of artwork with the best possible product.

The organization has developed a nine-point standard for printing and will certify its printers with the Tru Giclee seal. The organization is actively seeking new members. For more information, please contact John Doe at (714) 279-2300.

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