Framing software 2003 update

Framing software 2003 update

As framing software has become more widely used, framers have called for more features and updates to software packages. With this is mind, Framing Business News provides a sequel to last year’s framing software guide with updates on the latest versions and newest features of several software systems.

Artisan Storefront Frame Shop/Frame Shop Lite

Certek Software Designs Inc.

Dunedin, FL

877-7CERTEK (877-723-7835)

Artisan Storefront Frame Shop Edition is a point-of-sale solution for custom frame shops that handles customized framing orders; order, customer and artwork tracking; mailing list and inventory management; and vendor orders. It’s able to price items by markup formulas, price charts or fixed prices. Special features include single-screen entry for most orders and easy-to-use overlay screens for complex orders (up to six frames, mats, fillets and sets of spacers). Also available are separate wholesale and retail prices, bar coding, advanced inventory management (including serial number tracking and tracking by location), touch-screen interface and vendor catalog subscription service options.


Computer Management Assistance Co.

Mt. Vernon, IL

(618) 242-4020

CMAC ASP is an online application service provider, which hosts software and users data on its secure, password-protected server, accessible through an online portal, rather than on the framer’s in-store system. It handles order processing, inventory control, mailing labels, accounts receivable and billing. Each user’s account information is automatically and continually backed up. CMAC guarantees 95-percent uptime annually.

Custom Framer

SEE-IT Corporation

Thornhill, Ontario


Custom Framer is a framing visualization and reporting package, allowing customers to see framing orders on-screen in a frame shop or online. Features include price updates as design elements are changed (based on united inches); a kiosk mode; a slide-show feature; 30 user-defined services and materials; movable menus; full-or cor ner-view; color correction features; more than 1,000 pre-installed moulding and matboard designs; the capability to add art, mats, mouldings and frames to the database; visualization support for e-commerce sites; the capability to upload Internet images or digital files to be virtually framed; and customization services. The new version 3.0, scheduled for release in September, includes new features such as a complete pricing module, invoice production capabilities and an Internet version of the software so framers with a Web site can add online framing affordably.



Spencerville, MD


ezFramer 6.5 and ezFramerBASIC 6.5 include new features such as smoother import processes, an updated look and feel, more bar code flexibility, new search capabilities and enhanced order tracking fields allowing for greater detailed record keeping. ezFramer now integrates with QuickBooks and automated matcutters, nuTech also offers new customized software packages for frame shops with individual needs. ezFramer 6.5 and ezFramerBASIC 6.5 are updated versions of the original nuTech software created for smaller shops, which include work order entry and tracking and a customer order and history database.

FerenSoft Trio!


Seattle, WA

(206) 282-1775

FerenSoft Trio! is a frame shop and gallery management suite which is now capable of updating vendor moulding and matboard prices 24/7 with an annual update subscription price of $259. The software prices complex flaming orders, tracks gallery and framing sales, tracks customer history and information, manages inventory and customizes reports and orders. New features include improved support for international use, expanded multiple pricing level markup capabilities and special closed-corner flame pricing markups. FerenSoft Trio! has a built-in, multi-sided flame calculator (up to 360 sides), label designer and bar code support, allows for the saving and retrieval of common flame designs (with Espresso!) and has an expanded Power Tools option which sells artwork directly “over the counter” The program interfaces with Fletcher-Terry, Wizard and Eclipse computerized mat cutters.


SoftTouch Solutions Inc,

Petrolia, Ontario


FrameReady is a retail management system software package that creates separate work orders and invoices; offers variable pricing structures for flaming materials; creates cut lists, to-do lists and purchase orders; manages inventory; connects to Web sites for vendor pricing updates; tracks customer sales and history; generates letters, envelopes and labels; stores art images; tracks turnaround time and sales history of retail items; and prints store logos on documents. The software, which was already compatible with barcode scanners, Wizard and the Epson receipt printer, is now compatible with Fletcher and Eclipse CMCs.

FullCalc Eagle Computers Inc.

Zebulon, GA

866-WINCALC (866-946-2252)

FullCalc, a point-of-sale and frame shop management software package, now features Internet updating, which allows the user to obtain the most current pricing available for hundreds of authorized vendors. Users can enter flaming orders from just one screen with expedient access to POS for accounts receivable tracking. FullCalc helps to manage inventory more effectively by letting the system suggest what to order. Features include bar-coding, mailing-list and e-mail capabilities.

LifeSaver Software for Picture Framing

Atlanta, GA


LifeSaver Software is a point-of-sale program which includes two-step weekly vendor updates. Since last year, LifeSaver has added new features, including support for a cash drawer integrated into the software,;full POS capabilities; ability to discount and mark line items on the QuickSale (POS) screen as tax exempt; a revised and enhanced interface for Eclipse and Fletcher computerized matcutters; alternative methods for pricing matboards; and a provision to merge customer database records into a single account for multiple account accuracy and efficiency. LifeSaver allows users to preview and edit The Pick List (order sheet) prior to printing and provides an export option to an Excel spreadsheet. Editing and revision capabilities are also available for closed work orders through automatic handling of all related financial information.


SpecialtySoft POS

Wilmington, NC


Since last year, SpecialtySoft has launched version 2.8, a frame shop and business management package that includes all the capabilities of the original SpecialtySoft POS with several new features. An enhanced user screen makes SpecialtySoft more intuitive. With the Quickstart training tutorial and the SpecialtySoft Set-Up Wizard, implementation is fast and easy. The new version also includes an enhanced computerized matcutter interface, allowing intricate mat design and pricing at the design counter–which provides access to more than 100 reports. Plus, FramerSelect members get all the features and enhancements of SpecialtySoft 2.8, as well as exclusive screen options containing the Jay Goltz standard pricing formulas for profitability.


Spinnsoft Gallery Database with Framing

Calculator Module

Lake Forest, CA

877-568-0707 ext. 202

Spinnsoft Gallery Database 2003 with a Framing Calculator Module, is a management tool for art galleries that also do framing. This updated version includes the capabilities of the original software, as well as an expanded and enhanced Framing Module. The software also includes new production tracking capabilities, more options for pricing calculations, more vendor information and an easier interface.

Wizard International Art Information System

Wizard International

Mukilteo, WA


The Wizard International Art Information System now features three user-friendly frame shop software tools, including the Virtual Gallery, the Integrated Framer and the new Mat Designer 5.0.

The Virtual Gallery is a DVD-ROM-based software system that allows frame shop customers to search for art by a variety of categories. Virtual Gallery offers thousands of art prints from most major publishers without carrying an inventory.

The Integrated Framer, a companion product to the Virtual Gallery, allows flame shop customers to view a finished framed piece in several real life room settings.

Mat Designer 5.o for the Wizard Computerized Mat Cutter is the latest release from Wizard featuring design tools suggested by Brian Wolf, CPF, GCF, and more than 3,000 current Wizard users. New functions include the ability to rotate single or multiple openings to any degree, cut true-type fonts and lay out multiple designs on one sheet of matboard.

NOTE: This year’s Framing Software Guide is an update from June 2002’s “A Framer’s Guide to Framing Software” by Tricia Bisoux. To order the complete guide, call 800-598-6008 and ask for the June 2002 issue of Framing Business News.

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