EBay introduces Trading Assistants program

eBay introduces Trading Assistants program – .com News

SAN JOSE, Calif.–eBay has developed Trading Assistants, a program with more than 13,000 qualified registered users nationwide that provides an accessible way for people to get local help in listing items they want to sell, according to company officials.

Trading Assistants do all the work for posting an item on the site, including taking the photo of the item, writing the description, answering questions about the item, receiving payment and shipping the item. After the item sells, the Trading Assistant deducts a pre-determined fee for services and delivers the remainder of the sales proceeds to the client. All terms, including the fee paid to the Trading Assistant, are negotiated between Trading Assistants and clients.

“The response to the Trading Assistants program has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Walt Duflock, manager of the Trading Assistant program at eBay. “Folks that are new to eBay have found Trading Assistants to be a real pleasure to work with, plus they get great results. Many individuals who have always wanted to sell on eBay, but didn’t know how, now have an easy and fun way to make money selling on eBay through a Trading Assistant.”

For more information visit www.ebay.com/ta.

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