DECOR expo Atlanta 2000 Featured a Mix of Art and Framing

DECOR expo Atlanta 2000 Featured a Mix of Art and Framing – Brief Article

ATLANTA–As visitors descended the escalators to this year’s DECOR expo Atlanta show in September at the Georgia World Congress Center, they were greeted by a mix of art and framing professionals.

Hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees weaved through aisles featuring mouldings, equipment, posters, serigraphs, lithographs, original art and more. This year, in addition to the usual representatives from the graphic and reproduction communities, a stronger presence was felt from the higher end limited-edition publishers in the Portfolio Fine Art Pavilion, which featured serigraphs, sculpture, monoprints, giclees and original paintings.

While some exhibitors in the Pavilion reported lower sales figures, citing the fact that some original printmaking editions are beyond the pricing structure of many attendees, others reported positive aspects of the event. “It was our first time here, and the show was well-run,” said Eric Dannemann, president of Chalk & Vermilion Fine Art. “Orders were higher than we expected. However, our principal purpose was to `show the flag’ and make new friends, which we feel we accomplished, despite the fact that a relatively small percentage of the attendees seemed to be looking for art.”

“It was a good show–I’m not going to say it was great,” said Colville Publishing’s Victoria Berg. “I think what was successful about it is that we sold the higher end this time. Atlanta traditionally has been a low-end show, and we changed how we presented ourselves there. We had absolutely no posters on the wall. It changed how people purchased from us.”

In all, many exhibitors seemed to enjoy the increased presence of art at the show. “It attracts more buyers,” said Jessica Gibson, marketing specialist for Art in Motion. “More art provides a strong reason for customers to come.”

Others reported consistently busy booths and good sales numbers. “We were extremely pleased with sales from the show,” said Terri Sher Barrett, sales and marketing manager for the Bentley Publishing Group. “I would have to say sales were strong.”

Among the highlights of this year’s show were a PPFA Perspective Opening reception, featuring drinks, dancing, fortune telling, magicians, caricaturists and more. Also, PPFA Framers Palette Workshops were held daily to update educational goals of framers in attendance. The PPFA also held a jam-packed party at Atlanta’s famous World of Coke that was attending by several artist, publishers, gallery and frame shop owners, Miss USA Lynette Cole and others. The show concluded with a Meet the Artists Gala party where attendees, exhibitors and artists alike got the chance to rub elbows and enjoy the music of Atlanta’s famed Rupert Orchestra.

One of the most talked-about events of the show was the Art Publishers Association breakfast where Bentley House’s Robert Sher, who is also APA president, revealed the results of a consumer survey. “Although the meeting was early and on the last day of the show, it was extremely informative and well-attended by most of the major publishers, as well as other people in the industry,” said Terri Sher Barrett. (See the results on page 20.)

Overall, exhibitors seemed pleased with the show and its new location at the World Congress Center. “We felt that this year’s show, compared to previous years, was much stronger because of the venue,” explained Gibson. “Having everyone on one floor makes a world of difference–all exhibitors are on an even playing field, it is easy to find everyone, and it is easy to make it to all the booths.”

1 Daniel Deljou and collector Kee Hee Lee of the Wind Fine Art Gallery in Dayton, Ohio

2 Steve Diamant and Terry Dillon of Arcadia Fine Art

3 Martin B. Lawlor, Nancy McGaw and Karen McElroy of Bruce McGaw Graphics with their new 2001 catalog

4 Lynn Faye and Susan Gibson Howard from Triad Fine Art

5 Lisa Cook, Hope LaChance and Matt Uhrig from London Contemporary Fine Art

6 John Murphy, Rami Rotkopf, Karyn Belenke and Bob Murphy of Smart Publishing

7 Joel and Joyce Cohen of Soho Arts South

8 Artist Clemens Briels and publisher Tamar Erdberg from Side Roads Publishing at the Fine Art Limited booth

9 Howard Rosenbaum and Martin Hershbein of Rosenbaum Fine Art

10 Hogue Publishing’s Steve Rosenthal, Akiko Slayton and Terry Hogue

11 Grand Image artist Ernie Rodriguez, new company president Toni Reed and Larry Winn of Winn Devon

12 Susan Kirkman, Julian Lonergan and Marian Orchard-Webb of CCA Galleries

13 Artist Warren Kimble with Wild Apple’s Linda Grant and a visitor to the booth during a poster signing party for the artist

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