Create a Display for Vacation Postcards – flexible display screen holds up 10 postcards

Create a Display for Vacation Postcards – flexible display screen holds up 10 postcards – Brief Article

Fred Schneider

Postcards provide a great way to remember the stops we make on our vacations. The trouble is, they always seem to get buried and forgotten in an album or drawer. To show them off, I decided to create a display screen for my keepsakes, using 10 postcards from a recent trip to Europe. The flexible screen makes an excellent conversation piece and accent to my room decor.

This was a simple project to build. First, I took 10 postcards representing various stops along the trip and matted them so they all became an 8- by 10-inch size using Framerica’s fillet 73-B and Crescent’s Raven Black No. 989 matting. I then fit each picture into Framerica’s matching 52-B moulding from the Gilder’s Choice Collection, which captures the warmth and romance of the European imagery.

After laying out the frames to the configuration I desired, I drilled eight of the frames with two sets of holes and the two end frames with one set of holes. The holes were drilled on top and bottom, 1 3/4 inches from the sides using a 3/8-inch drill bit. I then attached the frames by inserting 3/8-inch dowels through the holes with a brass washer between each frame. The dowels are 29 inches long, and I drilled 1/8-inch pilot holes in the tops so I could screw in decorative finial hardware as a finishing touch to match my frames. Now I had about 5/8 of an inch of the dowels sticking out past the bottoms of the frames.

To create sturdy bases for the project, I cut three frames to 3 by 14 5/8 inches using Framerica’s 52-B and fit them with 14 5/8-inch lengths of Framerica’s 66-B to fill the middles. I matched up the dowels of the assembled frames to the bases and drilled holes accordingly. To complete the assembly, I inserted 1-inch screws through the base into the dowels from the bottom of the unit.

The dowels allow the collection of frames to be completely flexible, allowing the customer to fit the screen into any space. It can be angled for viewing in corners. Properly placed in a larger room, it can become a room divider screen or simply a focal point. Clients can replace the postcards every time they take a trip, and it’s also a great way to showcase pictures from a wedding, family reunion or other event.

Fred Schneider is a 14-year employee of County Frame in Long Island, N. Y., and has been framing for more than 25 years. If you would like to share your idea& please contact him at (631) 567-8889 or e-mail

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