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Copyright commentary – Letters – Letter to the Editor

Lisa Levin

New River Fine Art works in both the retail and publishing arenas. As a publisher, we have become more aware and concerned with infringement acts that affect the industry. Karen Stene, is one of our artists. At a trade show, we recently found one of her limited editions hanging in an exhibitor’s booth. The image had obviously been scanned or otherwise duplicated and painted over to be sold as an original work.

Does this situation sound familiar to any of you? It should! We invest our belief, time and money to promote our artists in this industry just to find someone hanging on to your coattails. This is not flattery when you and your artist have worked hard to create a name in a competitive marketplace and someone comes along and devalues the work that you have done.

To combat this infringement, New River Fine Art has become a member of the Art Copyright Coalition, a group that is headed by reputable publishers and agents to bring back honor and sorely needed quality to our industry.

Lisa Levin

New River Fine Art

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