Book reviews intricacies of the Art Print Market

Book reviews intricacies of the Art Print Market

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — “How to Profit from the Art Prim Market,” by art industry veteran Barney Davey, has been released and provides insights on the intricacies of the print market. The book examines how visual artists can benefit–increased incomes, greater prominence and a broadened collector base–by diversifying their portfolios with prints. Advising print artists and publishers on marketing, advertising, trade show and publicity strategies since 1988, Davey found that many art-marketing books lacked in-depth print information and saw a need to fill the void.

The book provides guidance in choosing between self-publishing and working with publishers, and it outlines how to build a successful print-market career for both options. Establishing goals, assessing resources, the economics and marketing of self-publishing, shared traits of model self-published artists, finding and working with publishers, identifying trends, Web site and e-mail marketing, and licensing are just a few of the topics covered, making it an invaluable resource for artists.

“I wish I had this book when I started in the art-print business,” says Ralph Butch, print publishing and licensing artist. “It would have saved me time, money and frustration. For [those] artists considering the print market, it is essential reading.”

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