Artist creates memorial at Joe Wilcox Gallery – gallery News

Artist creates memorial at Joe Wilcox Gallery – gallery News – Brief Article

SEDONA, Ariz. — Joe Wilcox Fine Arts Gallery is the site for the creation of a new bronze sculpture by artist Gary Mitnik, which will commemorate the 100th anniversary of two significant events honoring two artists–one from the world of the performing arts, one from the world of visual arts. Mitnik’s clay sculpture will become the bronze casting of early 20th-century dancer Isadora Duncan. Known as the mother of modern dance, Isadora will be captured by Mitnik in the style of sculptor Auguste Rodin.

“Symbolizing Isadora in the style of Rodin is an unusual challenge that I look forward to with much enthusiasm,” said Mitnik. “Isadora was more than a dancer and creator of a new dance genre. She was a pioneering feminist, thinker and activist, and I’m pleased to help her legacy stay alive through the sculpture.”

Work on “Isadora” is now in progress at Joe Wilcox Fine Arts Gallery, where Mitnik has been a sculptor-in-residence for the past two years. For more information, call 800-282-3584.

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