Art In Motion Named Publisher of Britain’s Royal Photographic Society

Art In Motion Named Publisher of Britain’s Royal Photographic Society

VANCOUVER, B.C.–Art In Motion has formed a new publishing relationship with the Royal Photographic Society, located in Bath, England. Art In Motion has chosen 11 pieces with which to launch the collection, including six florals by Edward Seymour (circa 1900) and two by Baron Adolf de Meyer (circa 1907 and 1908). In addition, Art In Motion is releasing three of the Royal Photographic Society’s most recognizable images: “The Flatiron Building” by Edward Steichen (1906),”White Night by Adolf Fassbender” (1945) and “Rebecca” by H.A. yon Behr (1938).

The Royal Photographic Society’s collection of images has been built up over 100 years and is one of the most extensive collections of 19th- and early 20-century photography. With an emphasis on historical development, fine art photography and photographic processes, the society’s collection of more than 300,000 images, books, items of equipment and other material is considered to be an important part of Britain’s national heritage, according to company officials.

The Royal Photographic Society was formed as The Photographic Society in 1853 with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as its patrons. It was granted the use of the title `Royal’ by decree in 1894. The society’s mission today, as in 1853, is “to promote the art and science of photography by the interchange of thought and experience between photographers.”

The consolidation of the collection and a mammoth program of acquisition owes much to the efforts of John Dudley Johnston (president of the society from 1923 to 1925). Johnston ensured that the milestones of the previous 90 years’ photographic achievements were acquired by the society for its collection. His work has continued to this day, and the collection continues to grow in quantity, quality and historical relevance through further acquisitions and donations.

In addition to representing top contemporary artists and the Royal Photographic Society, Art In Motion publishes the official museum collections of the New York Botanical Garden and Mystic Seaport–Rosenfeld Collection.

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