Applying he Popular Decor Theory to Framed Art – Deck the Walls marketing strategy

Applying he Popular Decor Theory to Framed Art – Deck the Walls marketing strategy – Brief Article

HOUSTON–Many designers around the world have adopted the theory of “feng shui” (pronounced fung-shway) into their design plans for both residential and commercial spaces. Deck the Walls has developed a way to apply the theory to framed wall art of customer’s homes and is promoting it in a national campaign to consumers around the world. Here’s what they say:

Feng shui centers around the belief that every space has an invisible energy that is affected by a number of factors, including the placement of objects in the home. Chi, the invisible energy that surrounds us, must flow steadily through your home (never too fast or slow) in order for positive events to take place in the inhabitant’s life. Art can have an especially strong impact no matter how chi flows through the space.

How do you choose the best prints for your walls? First, choose art that is an expression of your personal taste, because if you don’t like it, it will have a negative effect on the energy flowing through the space. Then, when hanging the art, consult the Bagua Map; feng shui practitioners use this map to analyze a space in terms of chi and placement of objects. This map, which divides your life and space into eight equal areas, is superimposed on the layout of a room, house or apartment.

You can orient any room in your home or apartment with the Bagua map by aligning it with the entrance to the room you wish to concentrate on or your front door. The eight areas correspond with life situations that you may feel the need to be enhanced: wealth, fame, relationships, children/creativity, helpful people/travel, knowledge and health/family. If your room is a square, then the wall with the entrance to the room should be ‘aligned with the career, knowledge and helpful people/travel areas.


Your wealth corner will be in the far left-handed corner of the room when you are standing in the entrance. In this corner, placing art that is full of blue, red and purple will enhance the positive flow of the chi, as those are the colors that are most likely to attract wealth into your life. Choosing a piece of art with an image of flowing water also generates positive chi that stimulates this life area.

Fame and Reputation

If you would like to enhance this aspect of your life, decorate the fame and reputation area (the area directly in the middle of the wall opposite from the entrance) with wall art that represents light; fire is the element that you need to emphasize in this area. Images of fire, sun or even the moon will enhance the chi in this space, as well as images of animals or humans (living things enhance the power of the fire element in terms of feng shui). Red is the most powerful color in this area.


The far right area of the room is the marriage and commitment corner. Once again, red is a powerful color here, as well as pinks or whites. Here you may want to hang a picture of you and your partner at the happiest times during your relationship–perhaps a wedding or honeymoon photo would work well. If you do not yet have a partner and are looking to bring one into your life, pick a photo that reflects the sort of relationship you would like to achieve.

Children and Creativity

The center of the right wall is your children and creativity area. Pastels and whites are good colors to keep in mind for images to be place here. If you have children, this would be a perfect place to hang their photos. If you do not, but wish to work on establishing a family, hang artwork with images of healthy children. This is also a great place to frame examples of your own artwork to stimulate creativity in your life.

Helpful People and Travel

The front right area of the room corresponds with helpful people and travel. If you want to encourage travel in your life, hang artwork or posters depicting the destination you wish to reach or perhaps a poster you bought on a past trip. For helpful people, hang photos or posters of a mentor or someone that has been an inspiration to you. For example, if you want to be an actor or actress, find artwork with your favorite celebrity; if you want to be a writer, this is a perfect place to hang that lames Joyce poster. The best colors here are white, grey and black.


The career section is the center front area of the room. If you are looking for a new job, promotion or raise, concentrate on placing images in your career colors, which are black and other dark colors. Images of water are also powerful symbols here.


The front-left corner of the room is the knowledge area. If you are interested in personal growth, concentrate on images of landscapes, particularly mountains, in blues, blacks and greens. The mountain is the symbol of knowledge in feng shui.

Health and Family

The center-left wall is the health and family area. Here, the best colors are blues and greens. If you or a relative is ailing, pick art that conveys images of vibrant life–perhaps a Dutch still-life with flowers. Also, this is the perfect place to hang pictures of the family together during a happy moment.







Use the Bagua Map to arrange wall art according to the principles of

feng shui.

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