Appianet Features Images from More Than 200 Artists

Appianet Features Images from More Than 200 Artists – Brief Article

PARIS–Appianet, a French-based international art licensing agency established in 1998 features more than 8,000 images from more than 200 artists on its site The company has been marketing art-based licensing programs for living contemporary artists such as Roger Bonafe, Francois Boucheix, Maurice Buffet, Nadine Le Prince, Andre Duret, Michel-Henry, Georges Coulomb, Jean-Francoic Larrieu, Michele Battut, Michel King and Pierre Farel. The company also features a large collection of famous fine art including but not limited to Cezanne, Van Gogh and Monet, and the catalogue covers major painting movements from Realism to Impressionism and Naive Art.

Appianet’s mission is to leverage the licensing potential of artworks for artists while enhancing the image choice process for customers, according to the company.

Appianet strives to promote new talented artists within the licensing industry, and it is also a source for new images for publishers and manufacturers, company officials report. As the catalogue features the art of an ever growing number of living contemporary artists, most of the images on Appianet have never been published before and may be available for licensing projects.

Industry specific e-commerce tools for artists and publishers include:

*, a Web site designed to accelerate and ease the decision-making process in buying art licensing.

* Search engine allowing searches for style, theme, author or keywords.

* Image selection, booking and order.

* Digital artworks and image availability database.

* Product suggestions.

An interactive CD-Rom catalogue will be soon released.

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