Alvar Show and New Lithograph Receive Praise – exhibit of works by artist Alvar

Alvar Show and New Lithograph Receive Praise – exhibit of works by artist Alvar – Brief Article

TAMPA, Fla.–Nuance Galleries here recently closed a month-long show with the Spanish artist Alvar. The show was the first showing of his work since his signing on with The Fine Art Division of Decorative Expressions Inc. in 1999. At the conclusion of the show, gallery owner Robert Rowen said, “Our 3,000 square-foot exhibition space never looked better” and of his Alvar shows (he’s done five) “this one was the best.”

The show opened with a reception where Alvar greeted followers of his art. During the first weekend traffic was busy, with more than 500 people visiting the gallery.

Artwork shown included original oils, bronze sculptures, watercolors, drawings and all of Alvar’s recent limited-edition lithographs. According to show organizers, more than 12 original oils, 25 lithographs and several sculptures sold. Show sales totaled more than $200,000.

“After a whirlwind of sales, our framing operation is just starting to recover from all the business generated from the show,” stated Rowen.

Many collectors were thrilled to meet Alvar, Rowen said, adding “many of my clients are still reminiscing about the artists’ warmth and unquestionable enjoyment in meeting with his afficionados”.

For Decorative Expressions, the results of the show were encouraging. “Alvar is an artist who has a deep collector base,” said Robert Harris, president of Decorative Expressions. “There are so many people who collect his work or follow his career. Our goal is to touch this base, inform them of Alvar’s new work and to reach a new audience of collectors.”

As for future Alvar shows in America, one is scheduled for later this year and three shows are already booked for 2001.

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