A Framer’s Christmas Poem – be our guest

A Framer’s Christmas Poem – be our guest – Brief Article

Joel Lively

T’was the night before Christmas

I was up at the shop,

Trying to choose

Between length or chop.

The work on my table

Was piled so high

I put my head in my hands

And gave a big sigh

All the photos and pictures

All the things to be framed

The diplomas and artwork

Too many to name

My customers had waited

`Til the very last day

To bring in their framing

Which caused me to say,

“But tomorrow is Christmas

Where were you last week?”

“On vacation,” they said

“Can you do them up cheap?”

Like a dummy I mumbled

“I’ll stay up all night

And finish your framing

And make the price right”

And so here I am

On the night before Christmas

I should be home with my family

Eating fabulous dishes

Not stuck at the shop

Not this year, alas

I had promised my wife

It would be the last

I picked up a frame

And my fingers went numb

To take all those orders

Was really quite dumb.

There was glue on my hands

All slimy and sticky

There was so much to do

I had to move quickly

I cut the next mat

And my vision went blurry

I said, “Get a grip man,

You really must hurry”

I hammered the next frame

And started to scream

I had hammered my fingers

This must be a dream

My legs turned to rubber

I started to sway

I looked around quickly

For some place to lay

I felt my wife shake me

She said, “Dear, you were


“You’re keeping me up

With your tossing and turning”

I jumped out of bed

And threw on my jacket

I jumped in my car

And drove in a panic

I ran up to the shop

And to my relief

All the work had been done

For nearly a week

I had worried for nothing

And caused myself fear

It won’t happen again

At least ’til next year.

Joel Lively

Wilman Art Framing


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