Erotique Noire/Black Erotica.

Erotique Noire/Black Erotica. – book reviews

Gary A. Puckrein

Erotique Noire/Black Erotica edited by Miriam Decosta-Willis, Reginald Martin and Roseann P. Bell (Doubleday. 1992. $27.50) – We have arrived? Challenging the taboos surrounding literary representation of black sexuality, Erotique Noire seeks to reveal “the spicy, sometimes raunchy, and often tender erotic expressions of black literature.” Representing African, African-American, Caribbean, Latin American and North American men and women, gay and straight, this is a curious mixture of literary criticism, poetry, short stories and excerpts from other works. Familiar names contributing to this collection include Alice Walker, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Gloria Naylor – some of whose works are more about love and relationships than they are about erotica.

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