Debra Weinstein: The story of life

Weinstein, Debra

These are the enzymes of the gods.

And this is their piss cup.

This is the dropper stuffed with cotton

that transports me back to matter.

I have made love and know

the principles of desire.

I have been love’s chemist

alone in my single stall

measuring the elements

that foretell ovulation.


I saw your face

in the electron microscope.

It was the frantic face

of the germ cell seeking life.

I saw my os

in the physician’s glass.

It was eternity opening

its door a bit wider.


I wanted you in the biblical sense

as Deborah wanted Deborah.

I pitched my tent by the ocean,

I sang to the armies.

We brewed coffee and

sat all day in the water.

Then fishes circled me

in zebra stripes.

You held my hand.

Later we loved,

shades down.

Copyright World Poetry, Incorporated May 1995

Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved

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